Royal Resorts Ltd aims to offer guests of Tolkkila Manor food that is of top quality, but at the same time casual and simple. We want every dinner – or any other meal – to be an extremely relaxing event combining a great atmosphere with food that will surpass our client’s expectations. We’ll venture to say that it will happen with almost no exceptions.

It is vital to us that each customer at Tolkkila will enjoy exactly the kind of food experience as she or he wishes – we listen to our clients very carefully.

Next to the manor stands a cozy teepee offering a setting for a longer evening powwow or a short break in between meetings with coffee and Finnish pancakes, both cooked over on open fire.

The Koria region is well-known for its organic and local farm products. We contract several small producers and utilize their products in our kitchen.


The grounds at Tolkkila Manor are perfect for a number of different activities and program services.

Tolkkila Manor is located in the midst of Finnish farmland, forest, and riverside landscape – only 12 km from the Kouvola city center. A guest at Tolkkila can enjoy total peace and quiet as the manor sits at the end of a country road. The grounds cover an area of nine hectares with a two-hectare park and seven hectares of our own forest. There is also a large, flat grassy field, and a nature trail that takes you around the forest area.

The manor grounds and our own private forest area offer great opportunities for various activities, either your very own or designed by our professionals. The participating group never has to leave the manor grounds, all activities can be arranged on the manor’s grounds or forest area.

Additionally, Tolkkila Manor is situated by the Kymi River, which offers numerous water activities such as canoeing or SUP excursions on the river.

We also have two firepits that create a unique atmosphere. One can be found in a traditional teepee, the other firepit is located at the sauna world.

Activities at the Tolkkila Manor are organized by several of our partners, including Fenix Adventures Ltd.

Click below for more information on Fenix Adventures’ activities (in finnish):

Kesäajan aktiviteetit ja oheisohjelmat ryhmille (PDF)
Talviajan aktiviteetit ja oheisohjelmat ryhmille (PDF)
Aktiviteetit sisätiloissa ja iltaohjelmat (PDF)