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Other facilities

Tolkkila Manor’s grounds offer several unique places to get away from it all

Relaxing/teamwork spaces

In addition to meeting rooms, Tolkkila Manor offers numerous facilities for group work, in a relaxing lounge set up or equipped with more traditional meeting tables and chairs.


Outdoor facilities

Tolkkila Manor’s grounds offer several great spots just to hang out and relax. You can choose a teepee, a larger deck area, or just enjoy a fire by the riverside. Some of the outdoor facilities are already in use and the rest in the very near future.

Under construction

The new, luxurious and unique sauna world is near completion. It features saunas, indoor and outdoor jacuzzies, lounging and dining facilities as well as a cozy firepit.

Additionally, the sauna world offers two top-quality meeting spaces. They are perfect for relaxing lounge-style meetings, but can also be set up more traditionally with meeting tables and chairs.